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The New Scratcher 11.15.2016
12.20.2013 . 11:49am
Kevins Bacon
Kevy is a Kicksquasher…. errrr Kickstarter



Cool your beverages and squirt water on yourself!

Go on do it, everyone else is!

By: Kevin Doyle
Watch me geek out about soccer for a few seconds….
Yes, I gave them easily about 4-5 minutes of material. They took 5 seconds and a quote.

You're welcome.

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By: Kevin Doyle
Kevy Superfan Soccer Guy
Who looks more out of place here, me or the dog?
My view
My favorite player, or man crush. Whichever you prefer.
These guys took pictures with the big name player. I did not. By the way, Graham Zusi is from Florida. Yeah Florida!
One last shot from after the match.
By: Kevin Doyle
Happy Birthday Youtube!

Man I wish you'd have uploaded something better for you first ever video.
By: Kevin Doyle

Is this something Chris can FINALLY get excited about?

SNAP! on Indiegogo
By: Kevin Doyle
You Move Me, Me-Mover!!

By: Kevin Doyle

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