Kevins Bacon
Kevy is a Kicksquasher…. errrr Kickstarter



Cool your beverages and squirt water on yourself!

Go on do it, everyone else is!

By: Kevin Doyle
Watch me geek out about soccer for a few seconds….
Yes, I gave them easily about 4-5 minutes of material. They took 5 seconds and a quote.

You're welcome.

By: Kevin Doyle
Kevy Superfan Soccer Guy
By: Kevin Doyle
Happy Birthday Youtube!

Man I wish you'd have uploaded something better for you first ever video.
By: Kevin Doyle

Is this something Chris can FINALLY get excited about?

By: Kevin Doyle
You Move Me, Me-Mover!!

By: Kevin Doyle
Kickstart Some Old iPhone Art!
This seems like a interesting way to get some use out of old tech stuff. Of course even if people really like their unique broken iPhone picture frame, they will probably still throw it away in 5-10 yrs. So perhaps this is just delaying the inevitable?

By: Kevin Doyle
This Guy Sure Looks Happy In His Wearable Tech…
What will it take to make DLC embrace our Jetsons-like future?

Perhaps these Ion Glasses?

By: Kevin Doyle
I still don’t know what the fox says…

Actually, I do know what foxes sound like. They cry in the night like human children. Seriously. It's creepy.


By: Kevin Doyle
I’m Goodreading now!
So we should all get together and decide, are we:




Whatever we are, I'm on there so... you know... that's pretty cool.

By: Kevin Doyle
Show Topics
Point in Time Survey
Point in Time Survey - Jan 28 2014
Call Stephanie for more information 294-0304.
By: Chris Higgins
Florida Keys Outreach Coalition
Be a part of the Point-In-Time Survey, January 29, 2013
Join the national effort to survey homeless in our community to better understand the causes of homelessness and how to end it.

Training Sessions
Key West - Jan. 11
Marathon - Jan. 18
Tavernier - Jan. 18

for more info Call 305-294-0304 or visit one of the following links
By: Chris Higgins
Tim’s Crash The Superbowl Ads
Here they are, check out Tim's ads edited by Mary Higgins (our mom).
By: Chris Higgins
New Music From - Tony Roberts
Check out Tony's new album available now on iTunes.
By: Chris Higgins
Asher Roth - Wrestling is Fake

Im a fan.
By: Chris Higgins
Strong City Wedding
The beautiful spa i stayed at for the wedding reception in the middle of kansas.
By: Chris Higgins
05.10.2012 website changes
We had to change the site's server so we decided to update the site design a bit as well. More to come...
By: Chris Higgins
The Aggressive Bee

Check out MC Mr. Napkins song i can't get out of my head.
By: Chris Higgins
Great Design or Horrible Idea
Intentional or Not?
click here for the article
By: Chris Higgins
Spam over Xmas

By: Chris Higgins